Violent clashes break out in Hodeida

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Alsahwa Net-Violent clashes broke out Saturday in Hodeida after the Houthis launched strikes against positions of the national army in the south of Hodeida city.

Military sources affirmed that the Houthi aggression left a Yemeni soldier, Saleh Muhsin Ali, killed and another one,  Abdu Muhsin Ali wounded.

The sources asserted that the Houthis continue their violations of the fragile ceasefire in Hodeida, pointing out that positions of the Yemeni army were often attacked by the Iran-backed Houthis during the past days.

Houthis claimed responsibility for the terrorist drone attack on Thursday that killed and injured a number of soldiers in southern Yemen, dealing a heavy blow to the UN-backed peace efforts.

عزيزي الزائر لقد قرأت خبر تم جلبه من موقع Violent clashes break out in Hodeida في موقعنا الشامل نيوز الاخباري | ولقد تم نشر الخبر من موقع الصحوة نت وتقع مسئولية صحة الخبر من عدمه على عاتقهم ويمكنك مشاهدة مصدر الخبر الأصلي من الرابط التالي الصحوة نت

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