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Musk Boring Co. aims to whisk airline passengers between Michigan Avenue and O'Hare Airport in 20 minutes.Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Elon Musk's the Boring Company said late Wednesday it's won the contract to build a high-speed express train to Chicago's O'Hare's International Airport.

Under the contract, Musk's company will design, fund, build and operate a high-speed loop connecting O'Hare Airport with downtown Chicago, the company said on its website. The plan comes in response to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's request last year for proposals to build and operate a high-speed rail line that will whisk passengers from the airport to downtown in 20 minutes or less.

"We're really excited to work with the Mayor and the City to bring this new high-speed public transportation system to Chicago!" the company said in a


Musk, the brains behind SpaceX and Tesla, created Boring to build transport tunnels that provide an alternative means of transportation and alleviate traffic congestion. But Musk's plan for Chicago is a little different than his Hyperloop, a futuristic form of transportation that uses electromagnetic pulses to shotgun passengers through low-pressure tubes at near-supersonic speeds.

"A Loop is like a Hyperloop, but without drawing a vacuum inside the tube," Musk

in November.

Musk's transportation ambitions aren't isolated to the Windy City. The billionaire entrepreneur has detailed plans for a "personalized mass transit" system in Los Angeles that would carry 16 people per pod and travel at 150 miles per hour from downtown to LA International Airport in eight minutes via a tube.

The office for the Chicago mayor's office couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

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